The way of St. James

There are many known pilgrimage roads to Santiago de Compostela, here at Galicia Experience we offer you to complete parts of the road where you can discover some of the most renowned places in Spain, remembering lost villages, sublime mountains, crystalline water courses, where it seems that you have stopped time.


The ‘Camino de Santiago’ is a pilgrimage path of medieval origin whose purpose is to reach the tomb tributed to the apostle Santiago, declared by Unesco World Heritage Site. It is the oldest pilgrimage route in old Europe, in it there are frequent manifestations of hospitality, art, culture, a great culinary experience, a spectacular landscape and above all the spiritual roots of the old continent.

The experience of Galicia will guide you along the road, detect a trip through the northwest of Spain where you will discover one of the best gastronomies in Europe, an endless cultural offer and a way to practice the sport through a magnificent pilgrimage through the ‘Camino’.

Pilgrims for centuries have had the knowledge of the best convents and monasteries. In their path they would find the best experiences to relax.

For centuries, pilgrims have stayed in convents and monasteries called hospitals, where they are provided with beds, food and drink and health care. As always the pilgrims have known who were the best people to come into contact with and who were the best to avoid.

Galicean-Experience has searched for you exclusive and charming accommodations. Always look for places where the priority is tranquility and that offer services that help you relax at the end of the day.

The lands that register the “road” have a very simple reputation for offering a cuisine based on high quality products and land of the best wines. Walk, admire landscapes, visit monuments, an effort that will be rewarded enjoying the traditional cuisine that has accompanied pilgrims for centuries.

A story behind each dish, the result of chance or imagination, has been transmitted among men and women who have cooked for pilgrims, these stories have given a place in a variety of processed foods of extraordinary wealth.

Galicean-Experience is aware of the importance of eating, drinking and resting, enjoying an incredible gastronomic experience in any of our programs. In addition, wine as a food and comforting drink has always formed as part of the diet of the Pre-Regeginos, for that reason the whole “road” coincides with the best wine denominations in Spain.

You decide how you want to do the “way”. Walking or cycling you will enjoy a unique experience. Record roads alone listening to the silence of nature or maybe you will share miles and miles with new and good friends.

The Camino de Santiago is a set of tracks, roads, paths, paths … in constant ups and downs, which run through various terrains and with changing weather. Whether you Choose the bike or take the path on foot, you will be rewarded with the satisfaction of connecting in an almost mystical way with the essence of these lands.

A large percentage of pilgrims is on foot, emulating the traditional form of this pilgrimage, making the “way” on foot requires prior training and optimal hydration to not be forced to leave the march due to physical problems derived of the overexertion of such a hard workforce, it is proven that one of the main problems that walkers encounter is the overload of the backpack, it is recommended that it should not exceed 10% of our body weight, even so GALICEAN EXPERIENCE You will always guard your departure with our ferry attentive to any adverse circumference.

If your option is the bicycle, GALICEAN EXPERIENCE will provide you with a fantastic gravel bike, designed to make long adventures, comfortable, safe and you can always rely on our transport service will be very close.

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