Rias Baixas (Ria de Aurosa and Pontevedra)

Sea, beaches, mountains and rivers. Those words describe what the Rias Baixas has to offer. That is to say, a huge range of possibilities in which we must underline that they are the summary of what GALICIA is. In them we will find a lot of stories and we will be surprised by its gastronomic and cultural offerings.

They are characterized by their large size in relation to the rest of the Galician estuaries. Their clogging is relatively low, and they are widely navigable for large vessels. Almost all the estuaries have a large fishing port, container and bulk carrier as well as several marinas. Many are the tourist centers of interest due to their architectural, cultural and urbanistic charms, although the main attraction is the coast.

The Rías Baixas have been a gastronomic reference for centuries. Thus, for example, the Romans settled here transported the lamprey to Italy in order to make their locals taste this curious delicacy. It is known that Galicia is a land to be tasted. The quality of its raw material together with the most traditional recipes makes some of the tastiest dishes of Spanish cuisine come out. The Rías Baixas are a clear example of this cuisine with an irresistible flavor. The offer is immense, with the obligatory presence of seafood, fish and meat and, of course, a good Albariño wine on the table.

Through the coast and even inland, this destination houses great treasures whose price is not measured in coins. Handicrafts, traditions, work in the field or the usual fabrics to make the clothes keep an enormous wealth. We will transport ourselves in time to understand the ins and outs of our culture. This is the case with seafood, a good albariño wine, the enigmatic petroglyphs or the famous canning industry.

Activities program

Price of the tour from 75€/pax. *

  • Visit some of the villages of the rias baixas (VillaGarcia de Arousa, Cambados, Isla de la Toja, O Grobe, Combarro ..) *
  • Visit the old town of Pontevedra *
  • Visit in catamaran to the rafts, by one of their rias. *
  • Tasting of mussels. *
  • Have lunch in a restaurant of the area (local products). (Optional € 25 p) *
  • Guided visit to Pazo de Rubianes with tasting. (Optional € 15 p) *

*This tour has a minimum cost of € 300. (up to 4 people)

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