Finisterre and Costa da Morte

The origins of Finisterre are lost in the darkness of time, but there are parts of its existence, due to the geographical singularity of this enclave, that attracted the attention of Greek-Roman geographers and historians, although the data provided by these lack the rigor of modern historiography.

The Coast of Death (Costa da Morte in Galician) is a coastal region of the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula, located in the province of La Coruña (Galicia, Spain), which ranges from Cape Roncudo to Cape Finisterre.

The coast is dotted with beautiful landscapes such as the beaches of Trece, Reira, or Ariño (Camariñas), Lage, Traba and Soesto (Lage) Mar de Fora and O Rostro (Finisterre), the penedos de Pasarela and Traba, the Coast of Cabo Villano and the coast that links Camelle with Traba.

Activities program

Price of the tour from 75€/pax. *

  • Visit the fishing village of Muros *
  • Visit the horreo de Carnota. *
  • Visit the famous Ezaro waterfall *
  • Visit Finisterre Lighthouse *
  • Visit the church of Muxia. *
  • Enjoy lunch in a restaurant of the area (seafood platter). (Optional 35€/p) *
  • Visit the castle Vimianzo museum. (Optional 5€/p) *
  • The sunset of Finisterre. Boat route. (Optional 15€/p) *

*This tour has a minimum cost of € 300. (up to 4 people)

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