Beach of the Cathedrals, Mariña Lucense

About 100 km of coastline dotted with natural wonders.

Sor river estuary, paradise of fish and waterfowl, Eo estuary is a Biosphere Reserve. We also have Foz, Viveiro and Ribadeo which are ports that retain the imprint of a lordly past. In Cervo, Sargadelos you will be able to see some of the most symbolic ceramic crafts in all of Galicia.

Inside Mariña Lucense lie two hidden treasures. One of which is the Serra do Xistral, this is a shadowy and mysterious piece of land of bogs and wild horses. The other is Mondoñedo, located on the Camino de Santiago (the North), a former episcopal church, see the beautiful 13th century cathedral.

The arches and the caves of the beach can only be appreciated while being on the beach when the tide is out. While the tide is in, the beach is relatively small, it’s fine sand makes it perfect for sunbathing.  It is interesting to see the beach when the tide is in, crossing the top of the cliffs west to east, towards the Esteiro beach and being able to see it’s at tide in and with a lot of sand on the beach. At low tide you can access a long sandy area delimited by a rocky wall of slate and shale eroded in whimsical shapes: arches more than thirty meters high that resemble buttresses of a cathedral, caves of tens of meters, sand corridors between rock blocks and other curiosities.

The gastronomy of the Mariña Lucense, composed mainly of the marine species of the Bay of Biscay has in the Faba de Lourenzá its flagship product with Protected Geographical Indication.

Activities program

Price of the tour from 75€/pax. *

  • Visit the beaches of the cathedrals. *
  • Visit to some of the beaches of the Mariña Lucense. *
  • Visit the Ribadeo estuary with catamaran trip. *
  • Visit to Viveiro. *
  • Visit the footbridges off the cliff of Fuciño do Porco.
    (you have to walk 2km on foot)*
  • Lunch in a restaurant of the area. (Rice and lobster). (Optional € 35 / p) *
  • Visit to the Cathedral of Mondoñedo. (Optional € 5 / p) *
  • Visit the Sargadelos Ceramic Museum. (Optional € 5 / p)*

*This tour has a minimum cost of € 300. (up to 4 people)

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