About us

30 years
Specialists in the “Way”
Quality, autonomy, service
and of course through our land Galicia.

30 años trasportando viajeros

We are the result of more than 30 years dedicated to the transport of travelers doing all kinds of services between them evidently Tourism, Europe, Spain and of course our land Galicia.

After all this time dedicated to teaching our country and our land to citizens from all over the world who come to it to enjoy the innumerable pleasures that it offers, we consider that no one better than us can host Spain and especially Galicia And so we decided to create a Travel Agency 5 years ago to continue with our work showing our most spectacular corners and our secrets to anyone who decides to visit Spain and our green and beloved Galicia.

CAMINO DE Santiago

We are specialists in Galicia and its way to Santiago, but also in the North of Portugal, Asturias, Cantabria, Basque Country, having done important work throughout Spain especially in the North and having a thorough knowledge of all these areas.

We have an important fleet of vehicles of all sizes, from taxis of 3-4 seats to minivans of 6, 7 or 8 seats, microbuses of 10 or 20 seats, midibuses of 35 seats and buses of 53, 55 or 58 seats with those who perform all kinds of tourist services, transfers, etc … This allows us autonomy and independence that is crucial when offering a quality service to our customers.